KUKUI 10 Can Soft Cooler TAN/PURPLE


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KUKUI 10 Can Soft Cooler

A perfect take-it-anywhere soft cooler. Take advantage of premium insulating properties in a light-weight package.

  • The Kukui 10 features closed cell insulating foam and has superior insulating performance
  • A capacity of up to 10 cans plus ice
  • A watertight leak-proof zipper to keep contents cold
  • The outer shell withstands punctures, is dirt-resistant, and easy to clean
  • Includes an adjustable shoulder strap, and a tube of zipper maintenance grease



A perfect go-anywhere cooler that is light and dependable. Whether you are heading to the beach or heading out with friends to the park, the KUKUI 10 soft-sided cooler will keep your drinks cool and your snacks dry.


To keep your cooler performing at its best, we recommend to use a 2:1 ratio between ice and drinks (2/3 ice, 1/3 drinks). It is a good idea to pre-chill the cooler with ice before filling with contents and using it. The ice will be sacrificed to initially chill the cooler down.

Please allow 5-10 business days for pickup/shipping. 

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Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 34.5 × 28 × 34.5 cm
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